Shredwarma Polo


The Shredwarma Polo was developed for those skaters that needed a garment that was suitable enough to present the Q4 earnings to the board while also showing you ain't rolling your topsides.

The Shredwarma Polo features our metal-inspired Shredmonton logo developed by our partners at Shawarma Gang Inc. FULLY EMBROIDERED over the left breast, complete with subtle blood splatter to show that you're a professional but you've also partaken in the odd knife fight in the past.

Available in Badass Black, Tech Nine Navy, Gang Gang Grey and Leave Yo Ass in the Forest Green.

Please note that this is a Pre-Sale. The pre-sale will run until June 16, 2023 after which time the polo's will be put into production and shipped as soon as we receive them.

As usual, all proceeds from polo sales will go back directly to the local inline skating and quad skating community to fund events and future initiatives.

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